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CentOS 8 - Failed to download metadata for repo 'AppStream' If you get following error while using yum in your CentOS 8 VPS  CentOS 8 - Failed to download... Difference between KVM an OpenVZ VPS KVM is just like a dedicated server or bare metal server where the VPS runs just like a dedicated... Does your OpenVZ VPS Support FUSE (filesystem in userspace) ? Yes we can enable FUSE whenever you want, just login to your VPS Control Panel at... Does your VPS even have VNC Access ? Java or HTML 5? Yes our VPS do come with VNC access and we provide both kind of VNC access, Java as well as HTML... Does your VPS have DDOS Protection ? Yes our VPS comes with free DDOS Protection, we provide Free 20 Gbps DDOS Protection with all our... Does your VPS Support Fuse and DOCKER ? Yes our VPS Support both FUSE and DOCKER. KVM VPS: KVM VPS are bare metal so they by default... How soon will get my VPS once I place and order pay for it? Our VPS are provisioned and delivered instantly and automatically upon payment, as soon as it's... How to change OS of my VPS ? HOSTEONS.COM allow free OS change/reinstall on all our VPS packages and you even don't need to... How to setup OpenVPN on CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian Just run following command as root on a CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian based VPS or Dedicated Server... Install Wordpress and LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16 Here are steps on how to install Wordpress on a VPS or Dedicated Server with Ubuntu... Is IRC allowed on your VPS ? Yes IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is allowed on all our VPS Packages. Our VPS comes with Free 20 Gbps... My VPS Network Seems slow how can I fix it ? If you think that your VPS Network is slower then 100 Mbps and if you are on Linux OS try to... Optimize VPS Network Performance This article is only applicable to Linux VPS users, it will not work with Windows VPS. By... Support for CPU/Host Passthrough ? We can enable CPU or Host Passthrough for your KVM VPS on request, just submit a support ticket... Ubuntu Resolvers Not working ? If for some reason in your OpenVZ or KVM VPS and if it based on Ubuntu if DNS Resolvers are not... Update SSH Port in CentOS 7 VPS or Server Here are few simple steps on how to update SSH Port in CentOS 7 VPS or Dedicated Server Edit the... VPS control panel details All our VPS comes with a free VPS Management Control panel, the control panel option ins the... VPS not accessible after sign up ? VPS Activaiton email with login details is sent immediately after payment (as long as valid... What kind of drives do you use for your VPS Hosting ? We use RAID 10 with pure SSD Drives for VPS Hosting, we don't use normal HDD, for best... Which Location Shall i Select Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City Miami, PortLand, Dallas, Paris or Frankfurt for my VPS? We currently offer VPS Across 9 Datacentre Los Angeles (California), PortLand (Oregon), Salt... Which virtualisation technology do you use for VPS Hosting? We use KVM technology for your VPS hosting and we even use SolusVM control panel to provide... Why I cannot RDP to my Windows VPS ? For security reasons our Windows VPS are setup with RDP disabled so once your VPS is ready,...
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