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My VPS Network Seems slow how can I fix it ? Print

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If you think that your VPS Network is slower then 100 Mbps and if you are on Linux OS try to change the NIC from Realtek or Intel to Virtio, you can do it from your VPS control panel.

Login to then under Settings change the NIC driver to VIRTIO (By default all our VPS are setup with VIRTIO NIC Drivers, but if you are using custom ISO then VIRTIO Might to work, depends if the OS you are installing supports VIRTIO or not)

Once it's done reboot your VPS from VPS Panel, now check your network performance, you will find some major improvement in network performance.

Our Windows VPS Templates are now having VIRTIO Drivers inbuilt so you can now use VIRTIO Drivers even with our Windows Templates/VPS

If you face any issues with changing NIC Driver, please submit a support ticket at

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