KVM VPS Node 11 in LA is currently down, and after investigation we found that it's having hardware issue which needs to be replaced unfortunately the spare hardware that we have in stock is not installing in our server due to some compatibility issues. Our replacement server is already on the way to Datacenter, but it will be reaching there by ... Read More »

15th Nov 2018
We are now accepting all major crypto currencies - BitCoin | Bitcoin Cash | Ethereum | Litecoin

We have changed our cryptocurrency processor to CoinBase due to which we are now able to accept following cryptocurrencies:

1) Bitcoin

2) Bitcoin Cash

3) Ethereum

4) Litecoin



13th Nov 2018
New KVM VPS Node added in LA - 11th KVM VPS Node

We have added one more KVM VPS Node in LA, this is our 11th KVM based VPS Node in LA.

It is on same network as our network other VPS Nodes


11th Nov 2018
Added new 256 MB OpenVZ VPS package - $12/year

We have added a new 256 MB OpenVZ VPS Package for just $12 per year.

It comes with :

1 CPU Core

256 MB RAM

256 MB vSWAP

5 GB SSD Disk Space

100 Mbps Unmetered

1 IPv4

/64 IPv6

SolusVM control panel

You can order it from - ORDER

3rd Nov 2018
Added new KVM Templates - Fedora 28, Debian 8 and Ubuntu 18

We have added few new KVM Templates for our KVM VPS

1) Fedora 28 64 bit

2) Debian 8 64 bit

3) Ubuntu 18 64 bit

These are new templates if you face any issues let us know

3rd Nov 2018
Emergency Maintenance on OVZ 1 - Completed

Our VPZ Node OVZ 1 is going under an emergency maintenance due to a CPU Fan failure, we will be rebooting it shortly to change the CPU Fan

Expected downtime is about 10 Minutes

Maintenance Completed - Please allow few minutes for your VPS to get online, all VPS are coming online 

29th Oct 2018
OpenVZ IP Range Optimisation for China

We have done some routing optimisation for our OpenVZ VPS IP ranges, so Chinese users now have better network performance on our OpenVZ VPS

27th Oct 2018
OVZ 1 VPS Node Down - FIXED

Our OpenVZ Node OVZ 1 just went down, we are checking it, will provide an update soon and will try to get it online as soon as possible 

UPDATE: Server is back online, it was a loose power cable that caused this downtime

26th Oct 2018
OpenVZ VPS - Latency Optimisation - Chinese Users

If you are using our OpenVZ and if you feel that you are having issues with Latency especially connectivity to China, please submit a support ticket we may be able to do some optimisations for your VPS.


26th Oct 2018
Now DNS Hosting Included with all our VPS Packages

Now you  can even host DNS for your domain with us for free if you have a VPS with us. 

Just login to your VPS control panel and click on DNS on the top to manage it

Our Nameservers are:



If any doubts just submit a support ticket we will help you out.

25th Oct 2018

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