OVZ 1 VPS Node in NY Maintenance

  • 19th April 2022
One of the drive has gone bad for our OVZ 1 VPS Node in NY so we will need to replace it, since we are using RAID 10 there is no data loss and server is still online, but we have asked NOC to replace the bad drive, we cannot give exact time, but this maintenance will be done in the next 24 hours so while replacing the bad drive OVZ 1 VPS Node in ...
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OVZ1 LA Down

  • 28th March 2022
We are aware that OVZ 1 VPS Node in Los Angeles is currently down, we are working on restoring it, we will post an update as soon as we have more information  So far we have found that the VPS Node File system is corrupted and currently running a fsck on full file system, since the storage is big it's taking longer for FSCK to complete Thanks ...
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Ryzen 6 LA Down

  • 30th January 2022
One of the VPS Node RYZEN 6 LA is down as it appears it has a bad power supply, we are waiting for new PSU to arrive at Datacentre, as soon as it reached all VPS will be back online   IF you are in urgency we can setup a new VPS for you, please submit a support ticket, but do note the new VPS won't have your data   Thanks UPDATE: PSU ...
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11.11 Promo - DOUBLE Bandwidth and DOUBLE Disk Space - Budget KVM VPS

  • 5th November 2021
We are currently running a special promo applicable only on our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS on annual payments in which we are giving: 1) Double Bandwidth Transfer 2) Double Disk Space  This promo is only valid till 12th Nov 2021 Just submit a support ticket after placing order and we will do the upgrade within 24 hours, make sure to mention in ...
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