Shared Web Hosting Server Migration

  • 24th August 2023
We are about to complete migration of our VPS in NY and LA, and simultaneously we are now even starting migration of our Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Web Hosting services to our new server in Equinix, Los Angeles. This post is to keep you updated about the status, we will post all the updates over here. We are also in the process of sending ...
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Emergency VPS Server Migration - Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Jacksonville and Las Vegas

  • 6th August 2023
Due to stability issues and recent outages with current datacentre and as a preventive measure, we have got new VPS Nodes in another and much better datacentre. Our new Datacentre is: Equinix in Los Angeles as well as New York. The new datacentre has much better network then the current one, so basically this is a Free Upgrade, also we are ...
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Stock Status - Budget KVM VPS and Ryzen KVM VPS - 28 Jul 2023

  • 28th July 2023

We have very limited stock left out for Ryzen KVM VPS in LA, NY and Dallas

No Stock left out for Gigabit Budget KVM VPS

Right now we do have stock for OpenVZ 7 VPS in LA and NY

We will post more update once our new VPS nodes are ready or if we get any cancellations and if more stock becomes available 

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Budget KVM VPS and Ryzen VPS Packages updated

  • 22nd July 2023
Due to constant price increase of IP address by IP address Providers/Vendors and also usually 1 IP is enough for a VPS to run website as well as most common tasks, we have now updated all our VPS packages to include 1 IPv4 by default, but if you need additional IP you can still add additional IP while ordering. We are not applying it to existing ...
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