OpenVZ to KVM Migration Updates

  • 28th January 2024
This announcement will be used to POST Updates about our OpenVZ to KVM Migration as already announced earlier - MIGRATION STATUS: O13-LA - Migration started, will take at least a week before this migration is completed 29th Jan 2024 - O13-LA - Migration ...
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OpenVZ 7 VPS Migration to KVM - Free Upgrade

  • 21st January 2024
We at constantly try to provide stable, secure and affordable VPS Hosting Services, hence to continue to provide secure services we have to migrate all OpenVZ based VPS to KVM VPS. As some of you must be already aware that CentOS 7 is reaching End Of Life (EOL) in July 2024 and OpenVZ 7 is based on CentOS 7. EOL means that all ...
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OpenVZ 7 VPS Range End of Life

  • 20th January 2024
As most of you must be aware that CentOS 7 is reaching End of Life (EOL) in July 2024, i.e. it won't receive any support or updates and since OpenVZ is also based on CentOS, even OpenVZ 7 is reaching End of Life Earlier there were plans for OpenVZ 8 but even it is dropped and now OpenVZ/Virtuozzo developers are focussed on OpenVZ 9 but with no ...
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