OpenVZ to KVM Migration Updates

  • Sunday, 28th January, 2024
  • 00:12am

15th April 2024 UPDATE: Earlier we were planning to migrate all OpenVZ to KVM VPS, we even did it for lots of our OpenVZ 7 based Nodes, but we are getting feedback from lot of our clients that they don't want to switch to KVM VPS because KVM is not as light weight as OpenVZ. Due to it for low end VPS with just 256 MB RAM it becomes very difficult for clients to use them as a KVM VPS, hence we have stopped the migration, for all low end packages, we may still do it for certain locations on case by case basis

So what we are gong to do now is we will consolidate OpenVZ VPS into a couple of nodes that we will continue to run as long as clients continue to use them, yes we understand that soon all updates will stop coming for OpenVZ so we are open to switch your OpenVZ VPS to our KVM Packages, you just need to pay the difference (if any) and upgrade to any of our KVM VPS Packages.

We don't have a lot of OpenVZ VPS in SLC and PDX, so to free up those nodes we are still proceeding with free upgrade to KVM, but for remaining locations, we will keep the nodes running, but all clients need to understand the security risk and we recommend you to upgrade to a KVM VPS.


This announcement will be used to POST Updates about our OpenVZ to KVM Migration as already announced earlier -


O13-LA - Migration started, will take at least a week before this migration is completed

29th Jan 2024 - O13-LA - Migration Completed, old node will be taken down within next 7 days

29th Jan 2024 - O12-LA - Migration Started

7th Feb 2024 - O12-LA - Migration Completed, old node will be taken down within next 7 days

7th Feb 2024- O11-LA - Migration Started

3rd Mar 2024 - O11-LA - Migration Completed

3rd March 2024 - O7-LA - Migration Started

4th March 2024 - O7-LA - Migration Completed

5th March 2024 - O1-LA - Migration Started

9th March 2024 - O1-LA - Migration Completed

10th March 2024 - O4-LA - Migration Started

20th March 2024 - O4-LA - Migration Completed

1st April 2024 - O2-LA - Migration Started

10th April 2024 - O2-LA - Migration Completed

10th April 2024 - O3-LA - Migration Started - Partially done, but now halted. read above update in BOLD for details:


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