OpenVZ 7 VPS Range End of Life

  • Saturday, 20th January, 2024
  • 22:24pm

As most of you must be aware that CentOS 7 is reaching End of Life (EOL) in July 2024, i.e. it won't receive any support or updates and since OpenVZ is also based on CentOS, even OpenVZ 7 is reaching End of Life

Earlier there were plans for OpenVZ 8 but even it is dropped and now OpenVZ/Virtuozzo developers are focussed on OpenVZ 9 but with no release date

We cannot offer VPS services on a platform that does not offers security updates, hence even we have stopped offering OpenVZ 7 based VPS, we will send out a separate email to our clients and how they can upgrade to our KVM based VPS to continue to enjoy our VPS Services.

So basically now we are going to stop offering OpenVZ 7 VPS as well as IPv6 VPS since even IPv6 Only VPS are based on OpenVZ 7

You can still order our KVM Based VPS from 

Ryzen KVM VPS:

US Budget KVM VPS:

EU Budget KVM VPS:



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