Some major FREE Upgrades coming soon to our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS

We have been constantly trying to improve and upgrade quality of our services and now we are doing one more major upgrade to our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS, after this upgrade even our Budget KVM VPS will performa like Premium VPS: 1) Retiring all our AMD Opteron VPS Nodes and upgrading to Intel E5 based Nodes with same RAID 10 SSD Drives (these ... Read More »

9th Feb 2021
IPv6 Now available in Jacksonville as well as Dallas

Just like all your other locations, IPv6 is now available even in Jacksonville and Dallas, if you need IPv6 please submit a support ticket, we will assign you a /64 IPv6, new orders will automatically get a free /64 IPv6

3rd Feb 2021
Emergency Network Maintenance in Los Angeles

We have been experiencing some very very short network outages in our Los Angeles Datacentre, these outages were so short/small that most of you must have even noticed it as they usually last just a few seconds. After proper investigation by our Routing Techs they have found that they need to reboot our Switch and also update it's firmware to ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2021

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