We have been experiencing some very very short network outages in our Los Angeles Datacentre, these outages were so short/small that most of you must have even noticed it as they usually last just a few seconds. After proper investigation by our Routing Techs they have found that they need to reboot our Switch and also update it's firmware to resolve this issue.

We will be doing it in two parts.

1) First we will be rebooting the switch which will result in about 20 minutes of downtime (If nothing goes wrong)

2) Update Switch Firmware (about 30 minutes of downtime, can even take longer if things don't go as expected)

So first of all we will be rebooting the switch in a short while and if everything goes fine and if our routing team decides that it is safe and required to upgrade Firmware they will even proceed with firmware upgrade in next few hours 

Affected services:

1) VPS in Los Angeles (No other location will be affected)

2) Web Hosting Service in Los Angeles.

Sorry about short notice, we have to do it on urgent basis to make our network stable again.

Even email has been sent to all clients affected by this outage.

UPDATE: This has been delayed, due to some other emergency issue came up at Datacentre, we will post an update once we we will proceed with it, but most likely we will do it in next 24 hours

UPDATE 2: This will be done today i.e. 3rd Feb 2021 at 8:00 AM EST, keep following this link, we will be posting updates here.

UPDATE 3: Routing Engineer is available hence we are proceed with Reboot of Switch in next few minutes, though the firmware upgrade will be done as per scheduled time.

UPDATE 4: Reboot Process of Switch about to start now

UPDATE 5: Switch rebooted, now firmware upgrade will start at 8:00 AM EST (It will take about 30 minutes if nothing goes wrong)

UPDATE 6: Firmware update started 

UPDATE 7 - Maintenance completed (hopefully there won't be any further network issues)

UPDATE 8 - All issues resolved, network is stable 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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