Some major FREE Upgrades coming soon to our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS

  • Tuesday, 9th February, 2021
  • 14:19pm

We have been constantly trying to improve and upgrade quality of our services and now we are doing one more major upgrade to our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS, after this upgrade even our Budget KVM VPS will performa like Premium VPS:

1) Retiring all our AMD Opteron VPS Nodes and upgrading to Intel E5 based Nodes with same RAID 10 SSD Drives (these nodes will be hosting almost half the number of VPS on them compared to our old VPS Nodes)

2) Upgrade VPS Node Port from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, this will improve network performance a lot.

Moreover we would like to inform all our Legacy 100 Mbps unmetered VPS clients that since we are now upgrading server port to 10Gbps, we will be strictly enforcing our Acceptable Usage Policy to avoid any bandwidth abuse, because it affects performance of all other VPS on the same node. We have found a lot of Unmetered VPS users using upto 50 TB per month on 100 Mbps Port, which clearly means that these VPS were using more then 100 Mbps 24x7 (yes it happens sometimes, traffic shaping does not work 100% accurately on VPS Nodes), we are rate limiting such VPS to 10 Mbps to avoid further abuse and to avoid of quality of service going down for our other clients, though if such user wants to switch to our Gigabit KVM VPS packages, just submit a support ticket we will do it. Moreover if you are on 100 Mbps Legacy package and if you are not abuser and following our Acceptable Usage Policy you can continue to use your VPS without issues and won't find any kind of cap on your network. Most of these Bandwidth abusers appear to be commercial VPN/Proxy providers which is already against our Terms of Service, so if we find good proof that you are using it for commercial VPN/Proxy your services will be terminated (it does not matter if you are on unmetered or metered plan, but we don't allow commercial vpn/proxy providers on our network)

We have lots of VPS nodes so this whole process will take almost 1 month or may be even more, but we are planning to start this process within next 3-4 days. This is how we have planned:

1) We will add new VPS nodes to same network as our current VPS Nodes (on 1 Gbps Port) then we will migrate all VPS from old VPS nodes to new VPS nodes, there will be no data loss or IP change, but you will experience downtime of few minutes usually less than 10 minutes.

2) Once VPS are migrated to new nodes, we will have to shutdown the VPS nodes and physically move them to the RACK with 10 Gbps network/switch, this migration can take 1-2 hour, as it involves shutting down vps nodes, physically UNRACK the VPS Node from old RACK and move it to the new RACK and plugin all cables, then route the IP ranges to the new switch/RACK and booting all the VPS nodes back online.

But once this done you will experience much better network performance as well as CPU performance, overall quality of VPS will improve a lot.

We will be doing this across all our locations - Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Jacksonville. (UPDATE: Las Vegas and Jacksonville existing VPS Nodes will remain on 1G for now as the server chases does not have slots for 10G card, but we will work on them in near future and replace whole VPS nodes, though all new VPS nodes in these locations will be on 10Gbps Network)

We will be even starting Budget Gigabit VPS Service in Dallas soon, since this will be a new node, we will start it with 10Gbps Port

We will email all clients about it before we start this migration.

Please note we will be sending just 1 email about migration, then we will be posting updates in this post to avoid spamming to all our clients again and again.

UPDATE : Migration will soon start for NODE 15 Los Angeles to a new 10 Gbps Node

UPDATE : LAX Node 15 Migration completed to 10G VPS Node, we will now soon start migration for Node 13, Node 23, Node 26 in Los Angeles 

UPDATE: Migration is currently on hold due to NIC card incompatibility with the server mother board, we are awaiting delivery of new 10G NIC cards

UPDATE: Migration Started for Node 23, will be soon followed by Node 13 and Node 26 in LA

UPDATE: Along with Node 23, we have even started migration for Node 13

UPDATE: Migration of Node 23 and Node 13 Completed, will soon start Migration of Node 26 and more nodes, awaiting delivery of new 10Gbps VPS Nodes

UPDATE: Migration of Node 26 in LA started, we will be migrated 1-2 more nodes today, will post an update about it also soon

UPDATE: Node 16 Migration Also Started - This is completed though Node 26 migration is still going on.

UPDATE: Node 26 migration completed, we are about to start migration for New York KVM VPS Nodes - Node 1, Node 2 and Node 3, migration of all of them will to new 10 Gbps VPS Nodes in next 1-2 days

UPDATE: NY KVM Node2 Migration completed, Node 1 and 3 Migration is also almost completed, last few VPS are currently being migrated to new VPS nodes, everything should be completed in next few hours 

UPDATE (9 March 2020): All New York KVM VPS Nodes migration to 10 Gbps has been completed, in a day or two we will migrate Node 18 in LA to 10 Gbps (Awaiting shipment of SFP Cables). 

UPDATE (12 March 2021): We will start migration of NODE 18 LA shortly today - This is now completed

UPDATE (22 March 2021): Starting migration of Node 20 LA (This is completed)

UPDATE (22 March 2021): Starting migration of Node 19 LA (This is completed)

UPDATE (25th March 2021) : Starting migration of Node 21 LA  (This is completed)

UPDATE (27th March 2021): Will start Migration of Node 22 LA Shortly (This is completed, unfortunately we could not update this to 10G, due limitation of Server Chasis, but very soon we get a new node with 10G Support)

UPDATE (27th March 2021): Will Start migration of node 31 LA shortly (This is completed)

UPDATE (1st April 2021): Starting migration of Node 10 and Node 11 in LA Shortly (this is ongoing)

UPDATE (1st April 2021): Started migration of Node 9 in LA - (Completed)

UPDATE (2nd April 2021): Started Migration of Node 8 in LA - (Completed)

UPDATE (3rd April 2021): Starting migration of Node 7 in LA

UPDATE (14th April 2021): Starting Migration of Node 27, Node 28 and Node 29 in LA Shortly today. (Completed)

UPDATE (15th April 2021): Started migration of Node 5 (This is also completed)


All Budget Gigabit KVM VPS Nodes have been now upgraded to Intel E5 based servers with 10 Gbps Network, except for 4 VPS Nodes in LA, 2 in Jacksonville and 2 in Las Vegas which are still on 1GBPS Port, but very soon even these vps nodes will be upgraded we will have to get new VPS nodes as the Chasis of these VPS Nodes does not have enough slots to add a 10GBPS NIC, but even they are giving good performance as we sell VPS on 1 Gbps Port, but still we will be upgrading them too to 10Gbps in next few months. Now none of our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS nodes are on AMD Opteron CPU, all are now on Intel E5 CPU with at least 2.5 Ghz Clock Speed, some of them even have upto 3.0 Ghz Clock Speed

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