Additional IPv4 Price Change

  • 22nd September 2023
Due to recent IP Price increase and also since spammers tend to buy multiple IP we are making some changes in our additional IP Pricing for VPS and also implementing some policies We have increased the IP Price to $4 per additional IP Per month and also now we allow max 3 additional IPv4 IP per month So basically your VPS already comes with 1 ...
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Ryzen VPS Now Launched in Miami - Along with Los Angeles, New York and Dallas

  • 3rd September 2023
We have lots of demand to launch our Ryzen KVM VPS in Miami, Florida as our Budget KVM VPS has been performing really good, so today we have launched or Premium Ryzen KVM VPS even in Miami Florida, you can order it from, just select Miami as your location in the order form. Also right now we are running ...
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