O13-LA Maintenance

  • 27th September 2023

OVZ Node O13-LA in Los Angeles is being rebooted, due to a kernel bug where NIC was getting stuck, so after installing the patch we had to reboot the VPS node.

This was an emergency maintenance to avoid sudden downtime and packet loss issues, the server is back online after 1 minute of downtime

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Budget Gigabit KVM VPS and OpenVZ VPS Now Launched in Portland

  • 25th September 2023

We have now launched Budget Gigabit KVM VPS as well as OpenVZ 7 VPS in Portland, and our other locations are already available - Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, Salt Lake City

Portland is on west coast and offers very good routing to Australia and Asia

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Ryzen VPS Now even Launched in Salt Lake City

  • 24th September 2023

We have now added a second location in Salt Lake City, and we are now offering Ryzen VPS even in Sale Lake City, until now we were just offering Budget KVM VPS and OpenVZ, but now we are even offering Ryzen VPS in Sale Lake City, UTAH


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Ryzen Clearance Special - Salt Lake City - Starts @ $3 -1Core/1GB/20GB NVME/4TB Tran/10G Port/1 IPv4

  • 23rd September 2023
After clearing all the mess done by Dedipath, we are here with a clearance sale for our Ryzen VPS in Salt Lake City, where we recently got a new RACK. This is our second location in SLC:Looking Glass: Ryzen SP1:1 vCore (Fair Share)1 GB RAM20 GB NVME4 TB Transfer1IPV410Gbps Port$3 per monthOrder now ...
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