How do you store the Credit Card data ? Do you have PCI Compliance ?

We don't store any credit card or debit card details in our billing system, we are using stripe as our payment processor.

Once the client makes payment on our website, the card details are sent to Stripe over SSL and in return Stripe's secure servers send our billing system a token which is stored in our billing system, we just store this token and never store any card details in our system (we do store last 4 digits of credit card) so that client can identify which card is being used to make payments.

Whenever an invoice is due and if you paid with credit card earlier, we just use this token to charge your card again.

Since we don't store credit card details in our system we don't need PCI Compliance and you can use your credit card/debit card without worrying about any security breaches or misuse of your credit card.

for any further queries feel free to submit a ticket in client portal at

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