Which Location Shall i Select Los Angeles, New York, Jacksonville or Dallas for my VPS?

We currently offer VPS Across 5 locations

Los Angeles (California),  New York (New York), Jacksonville (Florida), Dallas (Texas) and Las Vegas (Nevada)

If you are from Asia Pacific region or West Coast we suggest you order VPS in our LA Location 

If you are from Europe or East Coast we recommend you to order VPS in our NY Location.

If you are from Central America or Latin America,  Jacksonville (Florida) or Dallas (Texas) should be your preferred location.

If you are from USA or Canada Please order VPS from the location closest to you LA, NY, JAX, DAL, LV moreover before order please use our Network Looking Glass to check which location works best for you

LA - https://lg.hosteons.com

NY - http://lg.ny.hosteons.com

JAX - https://lg.jax.hosteons.com

DAL - https://lg.dal.hosteons.com

LV - https://lg.vegas.hosteons.com




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