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 How to change OS of my VPS ?

HOSTEONS.COM allow free OS change/reinstall on all our VPS packages and you even don't need to...

 What modes of payment do you accept ?

We accept following modes of payment for all our hosting services: 1) Credit Card/Debit Card 2)...

 VPS control panel details

All our VPS comes with a free VPS Management Control panel, the control panel option ins the...

 Upgrade to Kernel 4.x in CentOS 6 or CentOS 7

Kernel 4.x is highly optimised and gives a lot of boost in performance to all Linux servers, here...

 What kind of drives do you use for your VPS Hosting ?

We use RAID 10 with pure SSD Drives for VPS Hosting, we don't use normal HDD, for best...

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