VPS Node 1 UP

VPS Node 1 is up again, thanks for your patience

11th Aug 2018
VPS Node 1 is down

VPS Node 1 is currently down, we are checking it and will provide an update soon

11th Aug 2018
Windows 2008 Chinese Language Now available with our KVM VPS | Windows 2008中文语言现在可以使用我们的KVM VPS

A lot of Chinese users who are using our KVM VPS Hosting services are looking for Chinese Version of Windows 2008 so now we have added Windows 2008 Chinese version ISO in our VPS control Panel, you can simply mount Windows 2008 DVD and boot your VPS from ISO and install Windows 2008 in your VPS in Chinese language, since our VPS are based in ... Leia mais... »

10th Aug 2018
TCP Block by GFW in China | GFW在中国的TCP阻止

Until now Chinese GFW used to block whole IP but we have noticed that now GFW is even blocking certain TCP Ports for new IP ranges, so if you just get your VPS and find that you are unable to SSH to your VPS but you are able to ping your VPS IP then it means that GFW has blocked your SSH Port so all you need to do is just change your SSH Port in ... Leia mais... »

8th Aug 2018
One more VPS Node added in LA - Seventh VPS Node

We have added one more VPS Node in our LA Location with following configuration: 4 x AMD Opteron 6380 ( Total 64 Cores of 2.5 Ghz Each) 256 GB RAM 6 x 1 TB SSD (RAID 10) Gigabit Port DDOS Protection from Psychz (All our VPS Nodes are having DDOS Protection from Psychz) Server Location: LA, USA Network Looking ... Leia mais... »

7th Aug 2018
DOUBLE RAM Promo for all VPS Packages

We have launched a new PROMO use COUPON CODE "DOUBLERAM" during sign up to get free RAM upgrade on your VPS, your VPS RAM will be upgraded/doubled at no extra cost and it will stay that way as long as you keep renewing your VPS, so basically it's a recurring coupon code. This coupon/promo is only for new orders. This coupon code will expire ... Leia mais... »

25th Jul 2018
VPS Node 6 with 64 CPU Cores is now in production

Our new VPS Node 6 with 64 CPU cores is now in production, all new VPS will be now setup on this new VPS Node.

19th Jul 2018
One more VPS Node with 64 CPU Cores being added to our VPS Network

As per our previous post we have added a new VPS Node 64 CPU cores and got it in production on 7th July 2018 and it is giving really good performance for our VPS Services and it's already about to get full so we are now adding another VPS Node in LA, USA with following configuration: 4 x AMD Opteron 6380 ( Total 64 Cores of 2.5 Ghz Each) 256 GB ... Leia mais... »

17th Jul 2018
VPS Network Issue Resolved

For past few hours our VPS Network performance was degrated, but we have quickly identified the issue and it is now resolved, our VPS Network is back to normal, if you are facing any issues feel free to submit a ticket from https://my.hosteons.com

7th Jul 2018
New VPS Node Ready

Our new VPSNode with 64 Cores, 256 GB RAM and SSD RAID 10 is ready. All new VPS will be now setup on this new VPS Node, this serve has following specs:

CPU: 4 x AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6380

RAM: 256 GB 

Drives: 6 x 1 TB SSD

Network: Gigabit

7th Jul 2018

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