All VPS are now back in stock - new VPS Node Online

  • 23rd May 2018
All our VPS packages are back in stock as our new VPS Node is now online and in production

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VPS Out of Stock

  • 16th May 2018
Due to suddent boost in sales, we are currently out of stock for all VPS Packages, we are working on adding new VPS Nodes, hopefully we will be able to accept new VPS orders by next week

Thanks for your patience
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Now a free /64 IPv6 with all our SSD VPS Packages

  • 30th April 2018
We have managed to get our own IP allocation from APNIC, hence now we can provide a lot more IPv6, earlier we were planning to offer few limited IPv6 IP with our VPS but now we are giving free /64 (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses) with all our VPS. If you have any queries feel free to submit a ticket from our ...
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