IPv6 Outage - Node 1 - Node 8 - FIXED

  • 18th September 2018

Our IPV6 IP Range assigned on Node 1 - Node 8 are having some routing issues, we are working with Datacenter to resolve it and have it up again soon, we will provide an update soon.

UPDATE: NOC has fixed it, if issue comes up again feels free to submit a support ticket 

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One more VPS Node Added in LA, USA with new IP Range - Tenth VPS Node

  • 15th September 2018
We have added a new VPS Nodein our LA Facility, this is our tenth VPS Node, VPS Node config is as under: CPU: 4 x AMD Opteron 6380 (Total 64 CPU Cores of 2.5 Ghz - 3.3 Ghz Each Core) 256 GB RAM: SSD RAID 10 New IP Range:  185.243.* We are offering unmetered bandwidth and network is even optimised for China All popular modes of payments are ...
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Power Issue at NOC - FIXED

  • 11th September 2018
It appears there is a power issue at NOC due to which 3 of our VPS Nodes are down and 1 of the VPS Nodes was rebooted, we are awaiting more information from NOC, will provide an update soon UPDATE:  NOC has fixed the issue, but we are still to get complete information what really happened, please give your VPS about 30 minutes before trying to ...
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Network Outage / Packet Loss - FIXED

  • 7th September 2018

Our VPS Network had packet loss for  few minutes but this issue is now resolved, it was some routing issue at our NOC which our techs have now fixed.

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