VPS Network Issue Resolved

  • 7th July 2018

For past few hours our VPS Network performance was degrated, but we have quickly identified the issue and it is now resolved, our VPS Network is back to normal, if you are facing any issues feel free to submit a ticket from

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New VPS Node Ready

  • 7th July 2018

Our new VPSNode with 64 Cores, 256 GB RAM and SSD RAID 10 is ready. All new VPS will be now setup on this new VPS Node, this serve has following specs:

CPU: 4 x AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6380

RAM: 256 GB 

Drives: 6 x 1 TB SSD

Network: Gigabit

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Double RAM / Double CPU core / Double Disk Space VPS Promo

  • 30th June 2018
Pre-Pay 3 years on any of our VPS Package to get double RAM or Double Disk Space or Double CPU Core and mention in comments what do you want double, we will do it withint 24 hours
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New VPS Node with 64 CPU Cores

  • 28th June 2018
Until now we have been using Dual Xeon 5680 or similar CPU for our VPSNodes but these CPU had 6 Cores in each CPU and with hyper threading it increases to 12 Virtual Cores per CPU so basically we were getting in total 24 CPU Cores Per VPS Node which means multiple VPS were sharing same CPU Core but since we were using Xeon 5680 CPU due to it's ...
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