FREE Double RAM and 10 Gbps Port - July Promo

  • 29th June 2023
We have 2 Different Kind of Promos for July 2023 Different Promos applicable on different Products: DOUBLE RAM PROMO - Applicable only on OpenVZ VPS 10 Gbps Port Upgrade - Applicable on OpenVZ VPS, Budget KVM VPS as well as Ryzen VPS OpenVZ VPS - Only if you have metered VPS package and only available in LA and NY. Budget KVM VPS - ...
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Los Angeles KVM VPS Node 12 - Maintenance

  • 26th June 2023
One of the drives for our KVM VPS Node 12 in Los Angeles is failing hence we need to replace it. We are using RAID 10 hence your data is safe and server is still online, but to replace it the server will be taken down in the next 24 hours for few minutes. We cannot give exact time of maintenance but it will be anytime in the next 24 hours If any ...
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  • 24th June 2023
As announced earlier ( that we will try to do a free upgrade to all our Budget KVM VPS Nodes we are now doing the upgrade for KVM VPS NODE 1 in Los Angeles, the migration will start shortly. This is a live migration so most of the users won't notice ...
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KVM VPS Node RYZEN 13 in LA Down

  • 23rd June 2023

KVM Node RYZEN 13 in LA is currently down, we are working on it and it should be back online shortly

It seems like some issue either with network / FIBRE cable, we are having it checked and if needed replaced

UPDATE: Server is back online, if you are still facing issues, feels free to submit a support ticket

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