Free IP Change Coupon

As per our Chinese Customer Demand we have come ip with a new promotion that helps our clients get Free IP change if their IP get blocked by GFW or any other reason. To avail this offer use coupon "FREEIPCHANGE" during sign up, it is applicable on all our VPS Packages except for 256 MB OpenVZ VPS Package, also this coupon works only on 1 year, 2 ... Читать далі »

16th Jun 2019
IP Change Price again reduced to $3

Since the GFW changes are now stabilised and we were able to acquire more IP, hence price for GFW Blocked IP change is now again reduced back to $3

You can order it from


16th Jun 2019
Monthly orders are now again being accepted for low end KVM VPS Packages

Monthly orders are again being accepted for KVM VPS Packages, last week we temporarily disabled monthly payments for certain KVM VPS Packages in LA, but now since the GFW bans have settled we are accepting them again

14th Jun 2019
KVM Node 22 Added in LA (InterNAP)

We have added a new KVM VPS Node in LA InterNAP facility

14th Jun 2019
OVZ 3 Hardware issues

VPS  Node OVZ 3 is having hardware issues so you may notice some downtime, we are having it checked 

UPDATE: Server is back online 

13th Jun 2019
More VPS Nodes in LA - InterNAP

We added one VPS Node last week, it was our 21st KVM LA Based VPS Node but it already got full, so two more VPS nodes are being added One more VPS node should be ready tonight or latest by tomorrow and another one should be ready next week We have limited some VPS plans to annual billing cycle but this limitation will be removed once new VPS ... Читать далі »

13th Jun 2019
OpenVZ VPS Downtime

We are aware that all our OpenVZ VPS went down for few minutes today earlier, it happened due to power failure at Psychz Datacentre which affected all our OpenVZ VPS Nodes, right now all VPS Nodes are back online, but we are still waiting for final word from Psychz if this issue is fixed permanently or not, if they are not able to fix it, we may ... Читать далі »

10th Jun 2019
OVZ50OFF or OpenVZ 50% OFF Coupon has expired

Our OpenVZ VPS 50% OFF Coupon OVZ50OFF has expired so please don't try to use it as it will not work, you can still use coupon "INTRO20" to get 20% OFF

6th Jun 2019
OpenVZ VPS are back in stock

OpenVZ VPS are back in stock you can order them from


6th Jun 2019
GFW blocked IP Change for Chinese Customers

Before ordering IP change we recommend you to try following Proxy Setup, it allows you to use your VPS as VPN/Proxy even if your IP is blocked in GFW It helps you with bypassing GFW even if your IP is blocked in GFW To setup everything in your VPS can use VNC to connect and then just ... Читать далі »

5th Jun 2019

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