OVZ 1, OVZ 2, OVZ 3 and OVZ 4 Maintenance / Migration Started

Maintenance for OpenVZ VPS Nodes OVZ 1, OVZ2, OVZ3 and OVZ4 started as per https://my.hosteons.com/announcements/144/OVZ-1-OVZ-2-OVZ-3-and-OVZ-4-Maintenance-or-Migration.html Though only two VPS nodes will be down at any time as we are migrating two VPS nodes at a time, will provide an update as and when they get online. UPDATE 1:  OVZ1, OVZ3 ... Read More »

7th Aug 2019
OpenVZ 7 VPS Resource Pool Now available

OpenVZ 7 based VPS Resource Pool now available 

You can order them from https://my.hosteons.com/cart.php?gid=14

Resource pool are good for personal use as well as for reselling VPS, you can create / terminate VPS as and when needed and design your own custom VPS package as per your requirements

3rd Aug 2019
OVZ 1, OVZ 2, OVZ 3 and OVZ 4 Maintenance / Migration

Affected VPS Nodes: OVZ 1, OVZ 2, OVZ 3 and OVZ 4 Time Frame: Start Time: 08-06-2019 - 05:00 AM PST End Time: 08-06-2019 - 11:00 PM PST TYPE OF WORK: Migration PURPOSE OF WORK: Migrate OpenVZ VPS Nodes from Psychz to InterNAP Facility EXPECTED IMPACT: 4 Hours We want to make you aware of an upcoming maintenance for our customers on VPS ... Read More »

28th Jul 2019
OVZ 3 VPS Node down - RESOLVEd

OVZ 3 VPS Node is currently down and we are investigating it and will get it online soon 

UPDATE: Server is back online, had to replace faulty RAID card

28th Jul 2019
VPS Nodes OVZ 1 to OVZ 4 down - Power outage at Psychz - RESOLVEd

Currently OVZ 1 to OVZ 4 VPS Nodes are down due to power outage at psychz, they should be back online soon, waiting for final word from Psychz  But to make sure it does not happens again, we are moving these VPS nodes to InterNAP Next week UPDATE: All nodes are back online, it was another power issue at psychz, but to resolve it permanent, very ... Read More »

25th Jul 2019
OpenVZ Templates Updated

We have updated our OpenVZ VPS templates to make sure all templates have all latest updates and patches installed to give more secure and stable experience to our clients.

We recommend all our OpenVZ VPS users if you don't have any important data on your OpenVZ VPS please reinstall them with our new templates

23rd Jul 2019
OpenVZ 7 VPS Packages back in stock

We were out of stock for OpenVZ 7 VPS Packages yesterday, but our new VPS node are online hence we are back in stock

For now all new OpenVZ 7 packages will be setup in our InterNAP Facility in Los Angeles

23rd Jul 2019
New OpenVZ 7 node coming to INAP - LA

Currently all our OpenVZ 7 VPS nodes are Psychz LA Datacentre, but now we are adding new OpenVZ 7 VPS nodes to our InterNAP LA Facility We have already ordered new VPS node and expect it to be in production by end of next week, this VPS node will be using AMD CPU and not Intel due to recent vulnerabilities with Intel CPU. It will be also on RAID ... Read More »

13th Jul 2019
NY KVM VPS Back in stock

NY KVM VPS are back in stock

We have added few new KVM VPS Nodes in NY.

11th Jul 2019
Emergency Maintenance at INAP LA Facility

Routing equipment at our INAP LA Facility is facing some issues, and NOC's Juniper Engineer is currently working on it, so you may face some downtime while they fix issues. Only LA KVM VPS Node from Node 13 - Node 25 are affected Please note this is different from upcoming maintenance as ... Read More »

10th Jul 2019

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