Server Maintenance - Node4-LAX, Node22-LAX and OVZ1-NY

Three of our VPS Nodes "Node4-LAX, Node22-LAX and OVZ1-NY" have 1 drive failed in each of them, but since we are using RAID 10 all date is safe and servers are also online, but to replace the drive we will need to shutdown server and replace the drive.   We have already requested NOC to do the same, so please expect a downtime of upto 1 hour ... Davamını oxu »

9th Sep 2021
Network Issue in Los Angeles - SOLVED

We are aware of some VPS nodes that are down in Los Angeles, we are working with datacentre to resolve it, it's a network issue, Routing Techs at Datacentre are working on it to resolve it, we will post an update shortly as soon as we have more information.   Please note only few nodes are affected not all VPS nodes in LA   Also one of the ... Davamını oxu »

20th Aug 2021
VPS Stock Status - 2nd Aug 2021

Due to rush of orders we are running low on stock hence here is the current stock status:   1) Budget Gigabit KVM VPS - Out of Stock in Los Angeles, New York and Jacksonville, but we do have very limited stock available in Las Vegas and Dallas 2) Premium Ryzen KVM VPS - Very Low Stock in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, but it's very limited, we ... Davamını oxu »

2nd Aug 2021
Ryzen VPS Now available in LA - New VPS Nodes Added - 24th Jul 2020

We have added new Ryzen VPS Nodes in LA, hence Ryzen KVM VPS are back in stock, and our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS are already stock, so order now before they are sold out again

24th Jul 2021
VPS Stock Status - 22nd Jul 2021

We have added new VPS Nodes hence now we have Budget Gigabit KVM VPS available in all locations except for Dallas i.e. we now have all our Budget KVM VPS Packages available in: 1) Los Angeles 2) New York 3) Las Vegas 4) Jacksonville For Ryzen KVM VPS we are out of stock, but new nodes should be racked in next 24-48 hours, once it's racked we ... Davamını oxu »

22nd Jul 2021
Dogecoing now accepted along with Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dai / Ethereum / Litecoin / USD Coin

We are glad to announce that now along with many other cryptocurrencies we are now even accepting Dogecoin as mode of payment 


So now we accept following crypto currencies for all our hosting services:


  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dai
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Coin
  • Dogecoin



22nd Jul 2021
.com Domain Pricing Update

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming price changes for TLDs mentioned below. The revision of prices is due to a change in the cost price from the registry of the TLDs. The new prices will come into effect on 20th July 2021. The new price will be applicable for registration, renewal and transfer-ins and restore.    Applicable ... Davamını oxu »

20th Jul 2021
Ryzen KVM VPS and Budget KVM VPS Stock Status

Due to rush of orders we are again very low on stock for KVM VPS, only few left out in LA, all other locations are sold out:   Current #VPS #Stock Status in LA:    Ryzen 512 -  4 Ryzen 1G - 2 Ryzen 2G - 2 Ryzen 3G - 1 Ryzen 4G - 1 Ryzen 5G - 1 Ryzen 6G - 0 Ryzen 7G - 0 Ryzen 8G - 0   Gigabit VPS 1 -  15 Gigabit VPS 2 -  ... Davamını oxu »

13th Jul 2021
Ryzen VPS Stock Status - New VPS Nodes Added in LA

We have added new Ryzen KVM VPS nodes in Los Angeles, hence all Ryzne KVM VPS are now available in LA and few even available in Dallas

24th Jun 2021
VPS Stock Update - Ryzen as well as Budget VPS both Available - LA, NY, Dallas and Jacksonville

We have added new VPS Nodes hence now all our VPS are available in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas as well as Jacksonville

Premium Ryzen KVM VPS available in LA as well as Dallas - All VPS packages 

Budget Gigabit KVM VPS available in LA, NY, Dallas, as well as Jacksonville - All VPS Packages 

22nd Jun 2021

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