NY OVZ1 Reboot

We need to reboot NY OVZ1 Node to install some patches and updates

We will be doing it shortly, but total downtime should not be more then few minutes, this is an important update, hence we need do it on short notice

14th Oct 2022

Our New York OVZ1 VPS Node is currently down as some drives have gone bad, we are waiting for NOC techs to check it if the drives are actually bad or just need to be reseated. We will update this post soon once we have more information    UPDATE 1 : Server is back online UPDATE 2 : Server is down again, we are investigating it further and ... Read More »

6th Oct 2022
Stock Status - Budget KVM VPS, Ryzen KVM VPS and OVZ VPS - 2nd Oct 2022

Due to recent spike in orders we are currently out of stock or have very low stock left out, below are more details: Date: 2nd Oct 2022 Budget KVM VPS: Some stock available in LA, NY, JAX and Dallas, still out of stock in Vegas Ryzen KVM VPS: Very few left out OVZ 7 VPS: Available in LA as well as NY   We will add a new announcement once we ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2022

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