Stock Status - Budget KVM VPS, Ryzen KVM VPS and OVZ VPS

Due to recent spike in orders we are currently out of stock or have very low stock left out, below are more details: Date: 11th Sep 2022 Budget KVM VPS: Out of stock All Locations Ryzen KVM VPS: Very few left out OVZ 7 VPS: Available in LA as well as NY   We will add a new announcement once we have more stock available    Read More »

11th Sep 2022
NY OVZ 1 and Node 14 LAX Maintenance

Two of our VPS Nodes NY OVZ 1 and Node 14 LAX have a faulty drive, but since we are using RAID 10 the servers are online, but to replace the faulty drive we will need to shutdown server for a short while and replace the drive. We cannot give exact time for it but we have already requested NOC to do the needful so you can expect them to go down ... Read More »

2nd Sep 2022

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