Node 19 LAX Maintenance / Downtime

We are aware that our KVM VPS Node in Los Angeles has rebooted a few times in the past 16 hours, we first tried to check if it's some software issue, but it seems it's not a software issue, most likely it's either power issue or hardware issue, we have asked NOC Techs to check it, it may take few hours for them to check so this VPS node may not be ... Read More »

10th Aug 2022
Scheduled Maintenance Node 22 Los Angeles

KVM VPS Node 22 Los Angeles needs a drive replacement, one of the SSD Drive has gone bad and need to be replaced hence we will shutdown server in the next 24 hours (cannot give exact time) we don't expect downtime of more then few minutes if all goes well Since we are using RAID 10 all data is safe and server is still online as of right now but ... Read More »

5th Aug 2022

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