Network Issue in Los Angeles - SOLVED

We are aware of some VPS nodes that are down in Los Angeles, we are working with datacentre to resolve it, it's a network issue, Routing Techs at Datacentre are working on it to resolve it, we will post an update shortly as soon as we have more information.   Please note only few nodes are affected not all VPS nodes in LA   Also one of the ... Read More »

20th Aug 2021
VPS Stock Status - 2nd Aug 2021

Due to rush of orders we are running low on stock hence here is the current stock status:   1) Budget Gigabit KVM VPS - Out of Stock in Los Angeles, New York and Jacksonville, but we do have very limited stock available in Las Vegas and Dallas 2) Premium Ryzen KVM VPS - Very Low Stock in Los Angeles as well as Dallas, but it's very limited, we ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2021

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