Emergency VPS Server Migration - Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Jacksonville and Las Vegas

  • Sunday, 6th August, 2023
  • 17:07pm

Due to stability issues and recent outages with current datacentre and as a preventive measure, we have got new VPS Nodes in another and much better datacentre.

Our new Datacentre is: Equinix in Los Angeles as well as New York.

The new datacentre has much better network then the current one, so basically this is a Free Upgrade, also we are planning for some bandwidth upgrades for all Metered VPS, but we will work on that at a later date as right now our priority is to move all our VPS out of the current facility to avoid any downtime or data loss.

To do this quickly and avoid any data loss because and we cannot take risk, hence we have  to do a bulk Migration of all VPS. 

Please note due to this migration your VPS IP will change.

Since we are doing bulk migration of VPS, it won't be possible for us to email all the clients with their new IP, hence when your VPS goes down in next few days (we expect to complete this migration within next 10 days), login to https://vps.hosteons.com (Login details for VPS Control Panel were sent in your VPS activation email, this is different from billing portal) and check if your VPS nodes name is something like K-1, K2, or .. O1, O2 or ... or R-1, R2, ... if it shows in this format then it means your VPS has been migrated and the new IP that it shows in control panel is your new VPS IP.

Since our whole team will be involved in migration, we request all our clients to avoid submitting support tickets unless it's absolutely necessary.

LA and NY VPS will be migrated to LA and NY, but for Las Vegas, due to shortage of time, we could not find a good datacentre for our servers in Las Vegas, hence for now we are migrating all VPS from Las Vegas to LA. We are migrating Las Vegas Servers to Salt Lake City, Utah, will be posting more update soon.

Regarding our other locations like Jacksonville and Dallas, we are already in talks with few providers, we may soon migrate Jacksonville VPS nodes to Miami, as it's same state and nearby so network performance will be almost same and Dallas VPS nodes will be also migrated to another Dallas Provider once our deal is finalised with our new Datacentres.

Our Shared Web Hosting servers also needs to be migrated, we will even do this migration shortly. Please do check the Network Status Page for updates in https://my.hosteons.com/serverstatus.php for updates

IP for Shared web hosting will change, but if you are using our name servers then there is no need to change anything as it will be taken care by our DNS Servers, but if you are not using our name servers, then soon we will post new IP for Shared Web Hosting, please kindly change the IP in your DNS Servers, wherever they are hosted, including CloudFlare

We are even sending this announcement via email to all clients, but it may take some time to reach your inbox.

All Updates and progress will be posted at https://my.hosteons.com/serverstatus.php



All VPS Nodes including shared Hosting Servers have been migrated

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