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Jacksonville KVM Node 1 Maintenance

  • Tuesday, 23rd May, 2023
  • 22:16pm

One of the SSD Drives in our KVM VPS Node 1 in Jacksonville has gone bad, so we need to replace it

We are using RAID 10 hence your data is safe and the VPS node is also online, but to replace the bad drive we will need to shutdown server and replace the drive, we will be doing this in next 48 hours, cannot give exact time for it as we have already asked the NOC techs to do it, but cannot give exact time when this task will be done on our VPS node

The downtime should be short, we will update once this is completed

Here is the current uptime of the server:

[root@kvm-node1-jax ~]# uptime

 10:18:35 up 892 days, 12:38


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