Affected Location: New York

Affected VPS Node: OVZ 1 NY

One of the RAM stick of NY OpenVZ 7 VPS Node is giving errors, but unfortunately we don't have a compatible RAM module in stock right now, so we what we are going to do is migrate all your VPS to a new VPS node with similar specs on same network, you may notice a downtime of few minutes for 1 VPS at a time (just in case you have multiple VPS on same node)

We don't expect any data loss or any changes in configuration, it will be a simple migration of one VPS at a time from one node to another on same network, same IP address, same control panel no changes for you, you will just notice that your VPS went down for few minutes and it was rebooted

We plan to start it in next 1-2 hours and it is expected to be completed within next 24 hours at the most

This only affects VPS on Node  OVZ 1 in NY, no other VPS node or locations are affected.

If you have any doubts please submit a support ticket

Thanks for your patience and understanding 

Monday, March 15, 2021

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