Twitter Account Updated

Due to some technical issues we had to change our twitter account, our new twitter account is

So please kindly follow us on for latest updates, news and promos

20th Okt 2018
Packet loss in China - Fiber Cable Cut/Failure

If you are having any packet loss or latency issues from China it could be due to a Fiber Cut please kindly read about it at

So once this cable is fixed network from China should be back to normal

19th Okt 2018
Routing issue with - FIXED

It appears there is some routing issue with IP Range -

We are working with NOC to fix it, will provide an update soon and it should be fixed shortly.

UPDATE: This should be fixed, if you are still facing issues do let us know via support ticket 

18th Okt 2018
WMZ / WebMoney Now Accepted as Mode of Payment for all our hosting services

We are now able to accept WebMoney or WMZ Payments for all our hosting services. To order services and pay with WebMoney / WMZ please kindly first place order from our website and select your mode of payment as WebMoney, then after placing order please send payment to our Purse "Z964555276040" and after sending payment please submit a support ... Több... »

18th Okt 2018
FUSE and DOCKER now supported in our OpenVZ VPS

We are glad to announce that we are now officially support FUSE and DOCKER in our OpenVZ VPS Service. All you need to do is submit a support ticket after placing order we will enable support for them for your VPS

14th Okt 2018
HMTL5 Console Fixed for OpenVZ VPS

We have fixed the HTML5 Console for our OpenVZ VPS Service if any issues submit a support ticket

14th Okt 2018
Routing issue with - FIXED

It appears there is some routing issue with we are having it checked and will provide an update soon

It appears the issue is now fixed

13th Okt 2018
OpenVZ VPS Node Optimisation

We have done some optimisation on our OpenVZ VPS Node, all OpenVZ VPS clients having packages from OVZ 2 - OVZ 7 should some major performance boost, kindly check.

12th Okt 2018
OVZ50OFF and ND25 Coupons have expired

We have noticed that a lot users are still trying to use the coupons OVZ50OFF and ND25 but these coupons have expired so please don't try to use these coupons

Our current active coupons are available at you can use any of the coupons available here for your new order


9th Okt 2018
New Windows Templates added for KVM VPS with Virtio NIC Support

We have been working on optimising our Windows templates for KVM VPS and finally we have completed it and added following new templates: 1) Windows 2008 English Version (Removed old Template, this is more optimised) 2) Windows 2012 English Version 3) Windows 2008 Chinese Version - NEW 4) Windows 2016 English Version We have compiled these ... Több... »

8th Okt 2018

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