KVM NODE 19 added in LA (InterNAP)

We have added one more KVM VPS Node in LA - InterNAP

This time we are using Intel E5-2670 CPU instead of AMD Opteron CPU, configuration is as under:

Dual Intel E5-2670 v2 

128 GB RAM

4 x 1 TB SSD Drives


Gigabit Port

21st Apr 2019
Slow Network Performance KVM VPS Nodes at Psychz LA - FIXED

Currently our KVM VPS nodes at Psychz (LA) are experiencing slow network performance, our network engineers are currently working on it and it should be resolved soon. If any queries please submit a support ticket for the same Our KVM VPS Nodes at InterNAP (LA as well as NY) and OpenVZ VPS Nodes are not affected. UPDATE: This is now FIXED   Lees verder »

19th Apr 2019
OpenVZ Orders Delay - FIXED

There is going to be a delay of about 24 hours in setup of our OpenVZ VPS Orders as we are currently out of IP on our OpenVZ VPS network, new IP ranges will be available within 24 hours hence new OpenVZ VPS orders will be setup after 24 hours KVM VPS orders is not affected, they are still setup instantly Thanks for your patience UPDATE: This is ... Lees verder »

17th Apr 2019
KVM VPS NODE 11 (LA) Network issues fixed

For past 24 hours KVM VPS NODE 11 (Los Angeles) was having issues with network performance, after a lot of debugging we were able to resolve it, now it should be working without issues, if you are still facing issues please submit a support ticket we will check it.

3rd Apr 2019
New York KVM VPS Node Maintenance

We need to do some emergency maintenance on one of our KVM VPS Node 1 in New York 

If you are on this node you must have already got email about it, if any doubts just submit a support ticket.

Expected downtime is about 10 minutes.

Scheduled Maintenance Time: 3:00 PM SGT (Singapore Time) GMT+8  

Date: 3rd April 2019


3rd Apr 2019
FLAT 50% OFF on OpenVZ VPS Packages

We are currently running a promo and offering FLAT 50% OFF on our OpenVZ Packages on Annual, Bi-Annual and Tri-Annual billing cycles on OVZ 1 to OVZ 7 VPS Packages, it is not applicable on OVZ 256 MB and OVZ 512 MB VPS Coupon Code: OVZ50OFF VPS will be setup in our Los Angeles Facility It is applicable only on new orders Please note ... Lees verder »

30th Mar 2019
Direct Admin Control Panel Now available with our VPS and Dedicated Servers

We have partnered with Direct Admin Control Panel hence not we are able to offer Direct Admin Control Panel with all our VPS and Dedicated Servers

We are now offer Direct Admin as an add-on with our VPS just for $5 per month, you can order it while placing order for your VPS.

If you have any queries feel free to submit a support ticket

30th Mar 2019
One More OpenVZ VPS Node added in LA (Psychz)

We have added one more VPS Node in Los Angeles (Psychz)

This VPS Node is also using "Dual Intel E5-2650 v2" CPU instead of AMD CPU just like our newer KVM VPS Nodes


All new OpenVZ VPS Orders should be setup on our new OpenVZ VPS Node

You can order one from https://hosteons.com/vps.php


29th Mar 2019
Emergency VPS KVM Node 13 and KVM Node 14 Maintenance in LA (INAP)

To update VPS Node Kernel we will be rebooting these two nodes tomorrow. Expected downtime is about 10 minutes Scheduled Maintenance Date and Time: 19th March, 3:00 PM SGT (Singapore Time) GMT+8  If you have any queries feel free to reply back to this email Only VPS on above two VPS Nodes will be affected UPDATE: Maintenance was successfully ... Lees verder »

18th Mar 2019
MARCH Madness - RECURRING 20% OFF on OpenVZ and KVM VPS

Coupon Code: MARCH20 This coupon will give RECURRING 20% OFF on our KVM as well as OpenVZ VPS on following packages KVM VPS - LA and NY Both Locations: Packages: VPS 1 to VPS 7 and Custom VPS OpenVZ VPS - LA: Packages: OVZ 1 to OVZ 7 Not applicable on 256 MB or 512 MB OpenVZ VPS also not applicable on 256 MB KVM VPS. Offer Expires on 31st ... Lees verder »

10th Mar 2019

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