VPS and Web Hosting Server Migration to InterNAP - LA

This is just to provide another update about our previous announcement of our plans to move all servers to InterNAP from Psychz. As of right now we are planning to do it on 4th February - 10:00 AM PST and expected downtime will be about 5-6 hours. But this date may still change, we will send out an email and also add another announcement about ... Read More »

31st Jan 2019
One more KVM VPS Node added at InterNAP - Los Angeles

Today we have added one more KVM VPS Node at InterNAP LA, all new KVM VPS Orders (except 256 MB KVM VPS) will be now setup in our InterNAP LA Facility and not Psychz

30th Jan 2019
PayPal Available Again

We are again able to accept PayPal as mode of payments for all hosting services


23rd Jan 2019
VPS Nodes and Web Hosting Server Migration and Downtime

We are constantly working on improving our network and services hence to improve our VPS as well as Web Hosting services we have decided to change Datacenter for our services. Currently all our VPS Nodes as well as Web Hosting servers in LA are hosted with Psychz but to provide even better services we are migrating all our servers to ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2019
KVM VPS now even available in New York

Until now we were offering KVM VPS only in Los Angeles in two different data centres - Psychz and Internap but now are offering KVM VPS even in New York. We are offering exact same KVM VPS package as we offer in LA even in New York, even our New York VPS are Pure SSD RAID 10

You can order it from https://hosteons.com/vps.php 


17th Jan 2019
KVM Node 2 Down

Our KVM VPS Node 2 is currently down, we  are checking it and will provide an update soon Server is back online, please check your VPS after few minutes as a lot of VPS are booting so give it few minutes for your VPS to get online It crashed again, it looks like a firmware update is needed, so we are reboot it again to apply firmware update, ... Read More »

13th Jan 2019
One more KVM VPS Node added in LA - INAP

We have added one more KVM VPS Node in LA, but this time we are using another Datacentre - INAP. All other KVM VPS Nodes in LA are co-located with Psychz in Los Angeles, and this new VPS Node is with INAP in Los Angeles

Test IP:

9th Jan 2019
New VPS Location Coming Soon - New York, USA

We are adding a new VPS Location to our VPS Network New Location: New York, USA (Internap) This location will be best suitable for whole of North America, South America as well as Europe Initially we will be launching on KVM VPS in New York, but very soon we will even launch our OpenVZ VPS Service in New York. For our Asian Customers we ... Read More »

5th Jan 2019
WeChat Pay / TenPay Now accepted Along with AliPay and UnionPay for Chinese Customers

We are now able to accept WeChat Pay /TenPay along with AliPay and UnionPay for all our Chine Customers

2nd Jan 2019

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