Disk I/O Fixed on VPS Node 1

We recent found that Disk I/O on our VPS Node 1 was a little slow since few days, we have made some changes and optimized Disk I/O now it is back to normal, if you are still facing any issues, please submit a support ticket from https://hosteons.com

26th May 2018
Free upgrade to Gigabit port for all VPS (Beta)

We have temporarily removed the 100Mbps cap from all VPS, if you think your VPS is still capped at 100Mbps, please just reboot it once from your VPS control panel and it should switch to full unmetered Gigabit Port, but please note we are just testing with Gigabit port, if we find that giving uncapped Gigabit port is affecting overall performance ... Read More »

26th May 2018
Network Looking Glass now available for hosteons.com

To make it easier for our clients to be able to check our network latency we have setup a Looking Glass. It can be accessed from https://lg.hosteons.com/index.php

25th May 2018
All VPS are now back in stock - new VPS Node Online

All our VPS packages are back in stock as our new VPS Node is now online and in production

23rd May 2018
VPS Out of Stock

Due to suddent boost in sales, we are currently out of stock for all VPS Packages, we are working on adding new VPS Nodes, hopefully we will be able to accept new VPS orders by next week

Thanks for your patience


16th May 2018

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