This is just to provide another update about our previous announcement of our plans to move all servers to InterNAP from Psychz.

As of right now we are planning to do it on 4th February - 10:00 AM PST and expected downtime will be about 5-6 hours.

But this date may still change, we will send out an email and also add another announcement about it with exact date and time.

Please note during this migration following services will be down:

1) hosteons website

2) Hosteons client portal

3) Web Hosting Server

4) KVM VPS Node 1 - Node 12

5) OpenVZ Both VPS Nodes

Again please kindly keep BACKUPS of your data even though we are moving whole server not just drives so most likely there won't be any issues, but still it's always better to take precautions, so if you have any important data on our servers kindly keep a backup of the same.

Even all IP except 194.35.15.* will remain same, we will need to change this IP range with something else which we will email to affected clients.


UPDATE: We may not be able to do it on 4th February as having some issue with the new RACK equipments at InterNAP, we will post an update as soon as we resolve it, but most likely we will doing migration next week

יום חמישי, ינואר 31, 2019

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